I’m Ryan. I like: great books, David Fincher movies, feminism, Shakespeare, cats, my denim jacket(s), Keira Knightley as Lizzie Bennet, Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events, inappropriate cross-stitching, Dracula and Jane Eyre, vanilla iced coffee, good writing, rewatching “Game of Thrones” and “Bob’s Burgers” constantly, reading books that intimidate me, Tina Fey, dismantling the patriarchy, trying to be artsy on Instagram, having writer crushes on Flannery O’Connor and Joan Didion, being mistaken for Jon Snow, picking cool literary names for future children I don’t want, Florence + The Machine, organizing my bookshelves, convincing people to watch “Rome” and “Deadwood,” Nicki Minaj, dreaming of owning a house with a library, and ordering an extra side of quesadilla sauce at Taco Bell. I like my friends and family too. 599C274B-8E66-4F32-BCDE-BC46A7A62451

This blog is mostly about books, but I use it to keep up with all of my pop culture endeavors. I watch a lot of TV and movies, read a lot of books, and even listen to music occasionally, so expect no shortage of posts from me.

I’m currently a second-year graduate student at Western Kentucky University in their English lit program. I work as a graduate assistant in the English Department, and now that I’m in my second year, that means I get to teach two sections of Introduction to Writing. Scary!

I graduated from WKU in May of 2015 with a degree in popular culture studies (which is a real thing!) with a minor in journalism. My current plan is to take a break after getting my master’s, and eventually pursue my PhD so I can teach English at the university level someday. Essentially, I want to keep going to school until I can teach it.

Right now, I’m interning at The Chautauquan Daily for the third summer in a row in Chautauqua, New York. In the fall, I’ll be back at work at WKU as a graduate teaching assistant in the English department. In the past, I’ve written a column on TV for WKU’s student newspaper, The Herald, been a writing editor and copy editor at WKU’s award-winning yearbook, the Talisman.

Anything else? Get in touch at ryan.pait2793@gmail.com.

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